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Thai Floor Massage

Thai Floor Massage, also known as Thai Yoga Massage or Thai Bodywork, is a holistic modality that addresses both pre-existing aches & pains, and also stimulates the body’s musculature in a way that promotes ongoing flexibility, range of motion, and ease of movement.Traditional Thai Floor Massage works from the ground up, starting with taking care of your feet and legs, then on to your hips and low back, your torso, your arms, and your shoulders, neck, and head. The back is one of the last things addressed in a standard session, which allows even deeper and more lasting work to be done thanks to the way the rest of your body is already relaxed and warmed up.


In your Thai massage with Angela she will assist you in performing passive stretches to promote well-being by using different parts of her body to help and  guide you throughout. She  does this through the use of her hands, elboes , forearms and even her feet to help reduce tension in the muscles of your body.

The object of Thai Massage iss to move your internal energy throughout your body to acheive wellness. A goal Angela desires to achieve for all her customers.

60 Minutes

Starting at $130

90 Minutes

Starting at $195

120 Minutes

Starting at $260

Our Massage Therapists

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Kristin Tri

My ideal client is someone active, wellness minded, possibly experiencing chronic pain either from injuries or activities of daily living. Neck & Shoulder pain is where I thrive.

Angela - Portrait

Angela Worthy

I believe massage should be a regular part of everyone’s self-care routine for their mental and physical health. Utilizing hands on massage, barefoot massage or Thai massage, I hope all my clients leave their session feeling better than when they arrived.

kelly seeely (2)

Kelly Seeley

I view the body as a whole; decipher the root cause of pain, the main area of concern & surrounding muscle groups. I love to incorporate hot packs or cupping techniques to work tissue issues.


Crystal Leturno

I have acquired a variety of skills to tackle pain, stress, and dysfunctions of all sorts. The combination of teaching yoga, giving massage, and guiding meditation is truly a holistic healing experience that I love sharing.