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Barefoot Massage

Barefoot Message is a deep tissue technique applied with the soles of the feet. The therapist uses parallel overhead bars for support. Gravity allows for a deeper than deep tissue massage. This technique can be applied to both back and the front of the body as well as the neck and shoulders.


During your Barefoot Massage session with Kristin she uses both 1 and 2 feet to apply the deepest pressure as well as range of motion/stretching & upon request side-lying massage getting to muscles that just can’t be reached lying on your stomach/back. With these more advanced techniques your participation is sometimes required and not always a typical relaxation massage. This level of massage is for but not limited to the client who wants to reduce or eliminate a nagging problem, stay on track for their training regiment and recover faster OR clients with stubborn chronic pain and injury.

60 Minutes


90 Minutes


120 Minutes



During your Barefoot Massage with Kelly all of her massages are done completely with her feet.  She works slowly to help maintain pressure holds on trigger points and / or adhered tissue, as well as delivering deep myofascial techniques to provide a deeply therapeutic barefoot massage. Kelly massages both the back and the front of the body with her feet, she also uses advanced techniques with both feet on clients who have appropriate body size and healthy bones.

60 Minutes


90 Minutes


120 Minutes



During your Barefoot massage session with Angela, she will use different facets of her feet to recreate sensations similar to what a “Hands-on” approach might deliver.
Just as  the hands use the fists, palms, fingers, forearms, and elbows in your average massage, Angela will employ her heels, arches, toes, calves, shins, and knees in various “Barefoot Massage” techniques. 
Though similiar objectives are achieved, the larger surface area of these tools allows for a diffused, yet distinct pressure that can be less triggering to her clients pain tolerance.

60 Minutes


90 Minutes


120 Minutes


Couples Barefoot Massage

Exclusively at Solstice Body Work, Alaska’s FIRST side by side couples barefoot massage 60 Minutes, 90 Minute & 2 Hour Sessions. Scheduling is based on availability, please include dates and times in your email requesting an appointment.

Prices vary depending on massage therapists.

60 Minutes

Starting at $230

90 Minutes

Starting at $350

120 Minutes

Starting at $470

Our Massage Therapists

Alaska’s best, highly trained, multi-skilled, Specialized Therapists.


Kristin Tri

My ideal client is someone active, wellness minded, possibly experiencing chronic pain either from injuries or activities of daily living. Neck & Shoulder pain is where I thrive.

Angela - Portrait

Angela Worthy

I believe massage should be a regular part of everyone’s self-care routine for their mental and physical health. Utilizing hands on massage, barefoot massage or Thai massage, I hope all my clients leave their session feeling better than when they arrived.

kelly seeely (2)

Kelly Seeley

I view the body as a whole; decipher the root cause of pain, the main area of concern & surrounding muscle groups. I love to incorporate hot packs or cupping techniques to work tissue issues.


Crystal Leturno

I have acquired a variety of skills to tackle pain, stress, and dysfunctions of all sorts. The combination of teaching yoga, giving massage, and guiding meditation is truly a holistic healing experience that I love sharing.