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Alaska’s premier wellness and self-care studio

Deep, Relaxing, Consistent & Effective Bodywork, Customized to Your Needs.

Athletes can prevent or recover from injury, strains or muscle fatigue; Solstice Bodywork can help you reach your goals

A therapeutic Ecosystem of
Body Workers

Professionals who work in a position that is not ergonomic or with repetitive motion or compromised posture often find themselves in chronic discomfort.
Solstice Bodywork can help ease that discomfort, refresh your body and give you tools to help outside of your massage session.

Advanced Techniques to Restore, Relieve, Recover

Chronic Pain sufferers may never reach zero on the pain scale, you need treatment to live a better quality of life from day to day.  Anything from cervical fusions, artificial joints, or autoimmune conditions Solstice Bodywork wants to help create a treatment plan that takes your high-level, everyday pain to a manageable pain that improves your quality of life.

Barefoot Massage

Barefoot Message is a deep tissue technique applied with the soles of the feet. The therapist uses parallel overhead bars for support. 

60 Minutes

Starting at $110

90 Minutes

Starting at $180

120 Minutes

Starting at $240

Thai Floor Massage

Session done in loose comfortable clothing on a floor mat. The therapist uses hands, knees, legs, and feet to move clients into a series of stretches while massaging

60 Minutes

Starting at $130

90 Minutes

Starting at $195

120 Minutes

Starting at $260

Therapeutic Hands-On Massage

For the client that can’t do feet.
This session is Massage with hands customized to each client with pressure generally medium to deep.

60 Minutes

Starting at $110

90 Minutes


120 Minutes


Our Massage Therapists

Alaska’s best, highly trained, multi-skilled, Specialized Therapists.


Kristin Tri

My ideal client is someone active, wellness minded, possibly experiencing chronic pain either from injuries or activities of daily living. Neck & Shoulder pain is where I thrive.


Angela Worthy

I believe massage should be a regular part of everyone’s self-care routine for their mental and physical health. Utilizing hands on massage, barefoot massage or Thai massage, I hope all my clients leave their session feeling better than when they arrived.


Alice Sullivan

A simple way to describe Thai Yoga has been lazy yoga dance. As the receiver you are on a mat on the floor with your clothes on and the giver does all the work moving you around stretching and pulling traction, and all you do is breathe.

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